The Center School

I was able to visit Rachel Zupke’s Classroom at the Center School in Seattle to see her use her newly acquired iPads.  Her experience with the iPads is as new as ours here at SEP and I wanted to be on the front lines to see how exactly she was able to implement them into her curriculum without completely disrupting the flow.

I wasn’t left disappointed.

Rachel took the use of iPads in a different direction by just supplementing them with a lab she had done in the past.  She did two different things.  First, and most obviously, she gave each lab group an iPad to film their lab procedures.  This was to insure accuracy in their technique as well as to involve more than just the student holding the beaker in the lab.  They then edited down their lab procedures into a short clip so they could reiterate later on what it waRachel iPad Teachings they had done and how they came to their conclusions.

She also used an iPad herself to film and cut together a short clip demonstrating to each lab group separately.  The students then had to answer questions on their lab worksheet based on the results in the video.  This worked well because instead of interrupting the flow the entire class she was able to hon in on one group at a time, allowing the others to finish up their observations.

I’m excited to see how iPads can be integrated with science education across the board.

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