Garfield High School: Recap

After our second week of Parts of the Cell at Garfield High School it was obvious that our current plan(or lack of plan) of attack wasn’t panning out very well.  We did however take away some good nuggets of information, which, in the end, is what it’s all about.

Dawn Rubstello’s classes at Garfield were more successful than the classes at Lakewood.  They were able to think a little further outside the box even though most of the students ended up doing a straight Keynote presentations.  There were a few groups that took some chances making videos, and even a rap song.  Even with the project styles branching out, the students didn’t appear to have a stronger connection the material.

Dawn however, used this lesson as an intro to the unit and was able to gather some good information on which areas she needs to spend more time teaching.  This was a good outcome for us but wasn’t exactly our intended goal.

Here at SEP we’re still searching for the right way to use these iPads.  It seems tough to use them as a cut and dry, in and out, type of tool.  They work best as a personal device, to organize, create, and distribute work.  Since we don’t have the funding too allow students to take these home for the week, the best use of the iPad is basically obsolete.  The challenge now is to play the hand we’re dealt, not the hand that we want.  And I have confidence that we’ll be able to make something work.

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