iPad App Review: Animals HD

Early on in my app exploration, I did a lot of searching on the web for suggestions for good science education apps.  Ones that I would see in a couple different places I would purchase and download to see if they were at all applicable for our purposes here at SEP.

Animals HD gives you exactly what it advertises.  An app that has around 40 pictures of different animals(lions, ducks, dogs, cats, etc.) with little to no other information on them.  I could see this application being mildly useful in a elementary school science class where you could project beautiful HD pictures of the animal you’re talking about onto the smart board.  However, as a tool for high school students it isn’t exactly the most titillating.  It gives a very cut and dry performance as to what it is and isn’t but in the end you should probably just stick to Google image search for your HD animal needs.

Animals HD was one of the first apps that I took a risk with and it didn’t exactly pay off.

Rating: 2/5

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