John F. Kennedy Catholic High School part 2

This time around the plan was to use the iPads to direct some learning through an online karyotyping lesson via University of Arizona.  The students previously had finished another karyotyping lab and were using this extra lesson as a in class capstone exercise.

I arrived in Burien at JFK High School a little earlier than last time due to the adjusted schedule and despite the early morning the iPad lesson went off without a hitch.  Each class was equally engaged even with their differing attention spans.  This made my job extremely easy, I was only really need to transport the iPads in and out of the classroom because Linda was able to just walk around the class helping the students as they needed it.

The kids were extremely engaged by the mere fact that they were using iPads as an alternative to a boring worksheet, even when the iPad assignment is structured in a similar fashion.

I’m constantly impressed at the engagement level of the students when I come to classrooms.  They’re always interested and on task with the assignments and my light moderation of the internet connection and iPads becomes a breeze. I’m excited for the third part of this story which includes the Elephant Project.  It’s going to be a good end of the year for Linda Simmons’ Biology classes.

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