STEM Videos at John F. Kennedy High School

We ended last school year’s iPad Project at JFK High School in Burien and it seems fitting that it would be one of the first school’s we’d come back and see.  The previous visits were a wild success, all the students stayed on task and engaged in fun science activities.  It’s no wonder Linda Simmons invited us back when she heard about our effort in producing and distributing STEM(Science Technology Engineering Math) videos to educate students about possible career opportunities outside of the “normal” four year degrees most get at a university.

To date, we have around 15 short(30 seconds – 2 minutes) interview videos of three different STEM professionals, one who works at a local biotech company and two others that work here at the Hutch.  We’re making an effort to produce more and get a good range of professions to show kids that there are jobs out there that are creative, rewarding and pay well while not following the normal college path.  Many of these jobs can be obtained with a two year vocational degree and some with on the job training and experience.  The videos also serve as a good way for students to think about those STEM fields in a different light.

Linda Simmons’ classes watched the videos and wrote in their lab books some information they learned about the three different jobs.  This lesson, although simple matches up with some of the state standards of career goals after high school.  The students got a good lesson in how not everyone one at an organization such as Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research just researches cancer; how someone who’s more mechanically inclined can have almost as big of an impact in state of the art research as the researchers themselves.

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