Youtube inspiration at JFK High School in Burien

Linda Simmons at John F. Kennedy Catholic High School is continually blending technology into her biology classroom. This time around she’s taken what the lesson she did last year around cellular respiration and added some serious creative elements for a fun project.

Her students were tasked with coming up with an informative and entertaining way of explaining how cellular respiration works. And when students are not given barriers sometimes some really cool results can be pretty cool.

I was in the classroom for two days. During the first day the students just got used to using the iPads and apps. They worked out some of kinks and asked questions about how to use the different apps in order to get their desired result. Most of the students used the camera app coupled with iMovie.

On the second day the kids really got to work. Some of them even dressed up in their videos. A few pretended to be real life scientists reporting on the news, while others wore ridiculous outfits just to get some laughs. The projects were unique and applied what they’ve learned throughout the unit. Even the vice principal, who came in for a for an impromptu visit, was impressed with the innovation he saw.

Any new project or lesson plan isn’t with out a snag or two. There were some serious bandwidth issues with JFK’s wireless Internet. This resulted in slow upload time to Dropbox. As a result about half of the projects had to be uploaded by me and the other half were graded on the spot.

Overall, this project was a worth while endeavor. The students were all extremely engaged in science. The creativity not only sparked some smiles but also some comprehension of cellular respiration.

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