Microscope Camera Support from Exo Labs

Over the past six months we here at SEP have been in close contact with a new start-up called Exo Labs.  Their aim: create a microscope camera for consumer and classroom use.

We’ve had several meetings with them to showcase their product as well as feedback sessions with some of our high school teachers.  This product looks very promising and having it at a relatively low price point allows them to easily permeate the public high school market.

Recently, they were nice enough to loan us a beta test camera.  We quickly found out that the strength of this little camera is in its ease of use.  A teacher could literally plug the camera into their iPad and record pictures or stream it live via devices such as an Apple TV.

The camera is a great way for teachers to do some microscopy demos, it also allows for teachers to make sure students are looking at the right part of slides and using the microscopes correctly.

So you might be asking, “What makes this product different than any other microscope cameras?”   Well, it’s officially licensed by Apple  to work with iPads, iPods and iPod Touches.  In addition, the Exo Labs camera has a good cost for quality ratio.  The camera is very high quality at a cost that even a public school system could afford. This camera isn’t just for high end research labs!  A list of other great features can be seen here on their website.

We’re planning on giving the camera another go soon at Shoreline Community College, which will allow for some great learning opportunities for the students as well as for us here at SEP!

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