Top Five iPad Productivity Apps for the Classroom

When we come into classrooms to support various science based lesson plans, we’re often presented with the over arching problem file management.  What will the students create their projects with?  How will they finish their projects next class period?  Can we even get these files off the stinkin’ iPad?!

All valid questions.  I’ve been confronted with all and more of these issues.  It can be very frustrating to try and figure out how to manage personal items on what isn’t quite a personal device in a classroom setting.  One glaring problem for us, because our iPads are only in the hands of any given student for one class period at a time, is how do we get their projects back to them next time?

Below is a short list of apps that we’ve found that either help create files or manage them once you’ve created them.

5. Evernote

Evernote made this list because of it’s versatility.  It’s great for taking notes, saving pictures or PDFs and even has video/audio functionality.  Best part of all is everything is saved to a personalized account in the cloud.  So, students are able to access what they’ve recorded even after they hand back their SEP loaner iPad!

4. Goodreader for iPad

Goodreader is just what it calls itself: a great way to read all sorts of files, but its main bread and butter are PDFs.  They allow for a ton of compatibility with other popular productivity software including but not limited to Dropbox and MS Office.

3. Ghostwriter

Ghostwriter Notes is probably the least well known app on this list but is great for in the classroom.  It has very basic note taking functionality and incorporates the ability to insert pictures and other PDF documents into already created note pages.  A great tool for an alternative to the old style lab books.

2. iWork for iOS

Not much needs to be said for this staple.  iWork for iOS is one of those must haves if you own a Mac or any type of iOS hardware and with a price point of only 30 dollars or ala carte for 10, there’s no reason this shouldn’t be on your home screen.

1. Dropbox

A lot of other cloud sharing apps have crept up in the past couple of years.  But when it comes to simplicity, power and price you simply cannot beat what “the Original” has to offer.  Anytime I’m in a classroom and need to get files off the iPads I use my free account to distribute them back out to the students.

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