Microscopy at East Lake High School

Inspired by real life research and a real money prize, Lara Hollingworth & her classes are in search for a C. Elegan sister species.  The University of Washington is offering a cash prize for anyone who can find one and with the help from Exo Labs’ Focus Camera and SEP’s iPad Project, the hunt is on!

Lara had four stations set up with the Focus Cameras.  Two stations for the normal C. Elegans, one station with a wild type, and one station with a mutated or “dumpy” type. SEP supported her lab by providing four iPads.  There was also one iPad per group and one extra for the teacher demo.  With the iPads hooked up to the Exo-Labs’ Focus Camera, each group of students rotates with their iPad to capture photos and video of the different C. Elegan types.

The photos and videos were then put onto Dropbox and distributed back to the each student group so they were able to assemble their research the next class period.

The chance to see and capture C. Elegan movement was amazing.  Lara was able to show and explain all the different stages of growth in real time, not just based on pretaken photos from a book or the web.  As a result the students were more than just going through the lab and procedures.  They were connected to the actual research.

The lab was a great success from a learning, scientific, and technology stand point.  There was an amazing student and teacher response.  Hopefully we’ll be able to have a repeat performance in the coming year!

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