Loss Prevention

Here at SEP we have a unique situation with our iPad project.  We bring iPads to classrooms all over Western Washington for a one time use technology experience in science classrooms.  With that broad scope of letting different students in different classroom situations use our equipment comes a myriad of risks, the biggest of which is theft.

One of our iPads has gone missing. While the motives and details are unclear, this has been a great opportunity for us to re-evaluate how to better track our iPads when they’re out in the class.

We want to raise the accountability of each student that’s using the iPad.  To do this we’ve come up with a sign-up sheet that will have each user signing their name next to the iPad they are checking out.  When they are done with each iPad they will initial that they have returned the same iPad that they initially checked out.

In addition,  we’ve provided each teacher with a set of guidelines for iPad use.  The iPad guidelines will give teachers a better idea of what SEP expects when the iPads are loaned out.  It will still be up to the teacher to effectively instruct their lesson and make sure the students are on task.

With theses extra measures it should shrink our potential losses especially in those less controlled circumstances.

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