iPads at SEP’s 2013 Summer Session

This year in an attempt to get some of our science teachers jazzed about education technology, we integrated the iPads into one of our kits.

In order to do this we used a web program called Dozuki.  It allows you to put pictures and color coded instructions into a step-by-step map to help you complete a task, in this case our transformation kit.

Because we used a temporary account for our trial run with Dozuki, we ended up exporting them to PDF.   Each table got one iPad along with the traditional paper lab procedure.  They then were all able follow the Dozuki step by step.  The greatest thing about Dozuki is that there are less words and it takes a more minimalist approach to lab procedures.  This allows for less interpretation and in theory less mistakes.

Our idea was to have the teachers use this new software and then transition it for student use and the kits in general.  This is a new avenue for us with the iPads .  We’ve yet to really nail down what exactly would be necessary for Dozuki to be integrated with our kits in general, but there is promise that this approach could be a decent supplement.

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