Google Outreach at FHCRC & SEP!

Through Google Washington’s Community Outreach volunteer program, SEP was lucky enough to have them kickstart an idea that we’ve been developing for quite sometime.  Our idea was to take STEM professionals and showcase them through a series of interviews, and then database them in a central location for teachers and students to reference.  This idea was spurred by the fact that there are actual job shortages in certain STEM areas.  Many of these careers don’t take the traditional four years at a university and can often be both financially and personally fulfilling.

We had a lot of expertise and help from our volunteers: a computer scientist, an account manager, a program manager, and a philanthropic video producer.  Over the course of 3 and a half days we were able to create a website, shoot three ~10 minute interviews, and combine it all in a product that we then showed.  Two of the interviewees were employees here at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research and one from Google in Kirkland.  They all offered expert knowledge about their careers as well as some personal antic-dotes to help them be more related as people instead of just a random face attached to a job.

With the help of our three Google volunteers as well an extra volunteer from FHCRC we were able to get out concept closer with  There we have our three interviews that we were able to complete in four days.  Even though the site isn’t ready for general consumption its a great starting point for funders and the Hutch to see our concept in action.

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