Stop Motion at Emerson K-12

I had a very different experience on my first iPad outing at the Emerson k-12 in Kirkland.  Jennifer Pence was wrapping up here Washington State geology unit by having her students create short videos with clay and stop-motion animation techniques.  This is the first time that I’ve had the chance to use the iPads in this way and it was quite fun.

Each Student was given different parts of Washington State and frame by frame they were tasked with creating a short stop motion film that they would then add music to and present in front of the class.  From just seeing the pictures and the clay models of Washington State that the students were making, they definitely had a unique project on their hands.  It was a great way to visualize how the state was formed!

While I was there, I helped the students take pictures and once done I uploaded them to Dropbox back at the office for Jennifer to then distribute to the students the following day.  This was necessary for class time restraints.

What a great new experience with the iPads!

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