Back Again: Exo Labs Camera at Eastlake High School

For the first time this year, Lara Hollingworth is breaking out her Exo Lab Cameras and starting her students off with some cell microscopy at Eastlake High School.  Lara’s lab was very similar to other classes but with a slight twist; each station had access to Exo Lab’s Focus Camera!

This was a two day lab so students rotated through as many different cell types as they could during the first day and finishing the rest on the second.  Each with their own iPad and Focus Camera the groups documented each specimen by taking pictures and using the annotation and labeling capabilities of the Focus App.  The students were then able to email themselves the pictures to print off and tape into their lab books.

As a starter lab for her biology classes this was a great way to get students in motion using the Exo Lab Focus Camera.  It’s amazing to see the possibilities of having a full class set of cameras and how smoothly(and quietly!) a big lab like this can go.

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