Cancer and Normal Cells at Gig Harbor High School

I traveled all the way out to Gig Harbor High School in Gig Harbor to study some cells, but this time with a slight twist.  I had a full day working in the morning with Joanne Moore’s class and in the afternoon with Jennifer Prince’s students.  The split up was different than anything I had previously done, I was essentially working six biology periods on top of the long commute it turned into being a full and confusing day.

Each student group got an iPad to help them research and finish the questions in their lab protocol as they went from microscope to microscope studying each cell type specimen.

I had the special task of providing some cancerous cell slides for the students to view and really inspect the difference between healthy and not-so healthy cells.  I was on technical support for operating the Exo-Lab’s Focus Camera, the iPad, and the microscope.  This was a good experience for me to get some close interactions with students.  I wish I had more knowledge about the slides I brought here from The Hutch but as I’m not a science person I had to deflect to the teachers.

Gig Harbor was hectic but a great hands-on experience for me personally as I was in an actual teaching role even if my ability to teach was somewhat limited to just the knobs and buttons.

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