Focus Camera at Seattle Arts Academy

Advanced science in an Arts Academy?!  This is exactly what Melinda Mueller at Seattle Arts Academy teaches.  I was fortunate enough to visit her wonderful classes two days in a row.  During those two days, similarly to my trip to Gig Harbor, I had a station where the students would cycle through my station where I have one of the Focus Cameras set-up.  The students were viewing live and dead Tetrahymena.  

This was a great lab to see the Tetrahymena swimming and Melinda was able to show the students what types are different or note worthy.  The students then killed the Tetrahymena in order to take pictures and complete their lab.  The students then just were able to email themselves their pictures as the wireless access at Seattle Arts Academy is very fast in comparison to the majority of public school.

While not too different from my regular outings it was interesting to see the differences in the workflow of a private school and the workflow of a public high school.  The biggest difference is the intimacy of the student teacher connection.  It was a pleasant experience to stay close to home and service a local school!

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