IB Study Time at Chief Sealth

Kim Dihn teaches International Baccalaureate(IB) at Chief Sealth High School over in the Seattle neighborhood of White Center.  This school services some of the lower income residents within the Seattle School District and so that gives us here at SEP a great opportunity to get iPad Technology in the hands of students that may otherwise lack exposure.

Kim’s idea was two fold.  She teaches several IB biology courses and in order for a student to get their passing grade recognized they need to take the same standardized test that students all over the world are taking(much like and AP course).   In an effort to help with this Kim thought bringing in iPads would be  great way for students to study because there is an app called IB BioNinja that essentially catalogues past IB test questions and allows students to test their knowledge and practice for their own test later in the semester.

In addition, Kim wanted to use the Focus Camera by Exo Labs.  Students would rotate from their desks where they were studying with partners to a station in the lab section of the classroom and look close up at the various cells and molecules they had been studying in the previous weeks.  It was a great way for Kim to guide their eyes and show real time how cells function!

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