Nanotechnology at Newport High School

Melissa Baker is bringing some of what she and her mentor scientist were working on back to her Nanotechnology classes at Newport High School in Bellevue.  With some money from her budget she was able to buy some Exo Lab Focus Cameras and with SEP’s iPad support she was able to set up quite a pre-Thanksgiving Lab for her classes.

While I unfortunately don’t know the lab they were completing, it was great helping them calibrate microscopes and work with their iPads.  Many of the students had physical hardware issues calibrating the microscopes because business cards provided by Exo Labs used to calibrate measurements didn’t fit in their mechanical stage.  After some cross talk about this back in the lab we’ve devised a plan to make sure this won’t happen on the second time around come May.

I learned that being disconnected from the lab can make it challenging to help from a purely technical stand-point.  However, mishaps aside the lab went and finished ok, bandwidth was an issue and I yet again had to email some of the students their pictures back at the office.  The students then were both drawing and printing off pictures to add to their lab books.  I’m not clear on the intended or actual outcome of the lab, but I’m excited to learn more next time in her class!

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