Video Projects and Transgenic Bacteria at JFK High School

At John F. Kennedy High School in Burien, Linda Simmons is always trying out new lesson plans with her students. Especially if the lessons involve cutting edge technology like iPads!

This time around at JFK High School was no different.  She had two lessons planned: the first was a video to be produced by her general biology students reporting on cell respiration and the second was her biotechnology students doing transgenic bacteria research.

While different both were well received, the video project was much more creative and provided the biggest positive response out of the students.  But on the other side of their excitement brought more work for Linda and I, as we had to figure out a way to get the videos edited on iMovie back to her for grading.  I ended up spending a few hours uploading them to Dropbox so she could then download them on to her own personal iPad.  While this worked, it was difficult because of the limited amount of space allowed in Dropbox’s free account.

The second group, the biotechnology class, had a more standard time.  They sat at their desks and filled out a worksheet guided by their internet research and notes they had previously taken.

I would love to attempt the video project again with a little more preparation from both our ends as I feel it has great potential but just hasn’t quite reached it.

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