Microscopy and Cells at Emerson K-12

I had the unique experience to join Jennifer Pence’s classes yesterday at Emerson K-12 in Kirkland.  Her students range from high school to middle school and all are home schooled three out of the five week days.  These elements add an interesting twist for me coming to a class room as the students aren’t as indoctrinated into how a classroom is usually run or how they think they should be learning.

Focus Camera by Exo Labs

The classes were very hands on and I was able to bring a microscope as well as our Focus Camera by Exo Labs to look closely at some different elements.  The first class was a smaller sized high school aged group of only around ten students.  This was a great opportunity for each student to get up-close and personal with

the high powered scope I brought from our lab.  The students were mostly working on their microscope skills by dissecting various plants, viewing some hydras, and even dissecting a spider eye from a spider one student found dead on the ground.  These students were very polite and excited to experience what the microscopes could show them.

The lesson with the middle school students was much more by the book.  It was a lab I have blogged about and seen in several different schools.  I was stationed with the high powered scope with the Focus Camera.  At my station students dissected onions and took pictures on the cells.  This is a great way to use the Focus Camera, the students were receptive to the convenience of the camera!

Jennifer Pence’s classes were a great time with a group of students that are unlike ones within the normal school system.  It’s great to see how un-jaded and excited these kids were to learn!

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