Exo Lab Cameras at Roosevelt High School

I had a unique experience to work with a non-SEP teachers at Roosevelt High School with Jeff Shaver Ph.D. from Exo Labs.  He borrowed the bulk of our iPads to assist Cynthia Jatul, a biology and biotech teacher.

Cynthia students are studying the regenerative properties of planaria.  Each group has a control and a variable.  The variable groups are different based on however the each student group wanted to change up the water and conditions for the planaria.

The challenge for Jeff and I was that he had only brought the Focus Cameras with the lens for microscopes.  With the planaria being up to 11mm in length is posed a problem and the magnification of the compound microscope was too high to effectively observe and take accurate measurements.

As a result, he left mid 2nd period to go back to his office and retrieve the variable lens and mounts used to measure and record bigger subjects.  This ended up working out much better and the students in 3rd and 4th periods were able to get accurate measurements for their planaria.

The students and teacher were also impressed by the Apple TV technology, being able to project various iPads to the front of the room and see what was going on underneath those cameras in real time.

In the end, it was an interesting experience going into a classroom as just and observer of non-SEP science teachers.  I could tell the difference in their excitement level and knowledge base of even tools like microscopes being a little bit behind normal SEP teachers.

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