iPad + QR = Community Connections

Lori Sadzewicz, a teacher at Washington Elementary in Mount Vernon, has been on the forefront of classroom technology for the past decade.  She started with using iPods and now has upgraded to iPads as her school transitioned to a 1:1 iPad school!  All of this was made possible with the Collaborative Schools for Innovation and Success grant is a partnership between Washington Elementary and Western Washington University.

She uses the technology, specifically QR codes, to not only engage her students in the classroom but also to reach their parents.  This works so well because there is a high ELL population in her district.  This can create challenging barriers with language as well as technology.  Parents have a difficult time getting teacher evaluations and grades.

The students get to take their iPads home.  So far this is the best way to incorporate them in school curriculum that I’ve come across.  It allows her to assign more variation in assignments at home knowing that each of her students will have access to the iPad 24/7.

The QR codes act as a doorway to the different material students bring home and show their parents.  They can link to anything on the web and keep parents up-to-date on their child’s studies.  As long as they know how to take a picture with the iPad they can then access.  Getting parents involved in is critical to the success of students not only for their elementary school career, but going forward with the rest of school and life.

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