Nanotechnolgy at Newport High School

Melissa Baker at Newport High School has her nanotechnology students on the cutting edge.  This is the second time I’ve come to Melissa’s class this year, and I was not disappointed in what I found. When I was in her classroom I was able to see them give presentations on everything from electronic skin for burn victims to nanobots used to treat disease.  While it all seems like something out of a Philip K Dick novel, the applications and research is very real.

The iPad Project was brought into her class to supplement her Exo Lab Focus Cameras. Eight groups in total, the students were studying and measuring liposomes.  These touchy little fellas were tough nuts to crack.  Many of the students weren’t having an easy go of finding them because they were so sensitive to the noise in the room and they were just dancing around on the slide.

Melissa and her students needed hardcopies of their data and pictures and with the iPads requiring an “air printer” in order to print I had to get a little thrifty.  As a result, we were using dropbox but in a much different way then I had in the past.  I signed into my dropbox account on  Melissa’s laptop and as the students took their one or two pictures they were then syncing them my dropbox folder.  Once synced,  the students came to the front of the class, found, and printed out what they needed.

By the end, the students were successful at their assignment and the technology worker so flawlessly that there wasn’t a lot for me to do during the three days, but that’s far superior to me scrambling in the moment.

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