Stop Motion Animation at Rainier Beach High School

Rainier Beach High School in south Seattle is trying something a little different than other schools.  Louise Wong had been creating stop motion animation films on mitosis with her students for the past couple years.  This year she wanted try it out with the iPads! What a success it turned out to be.

Louise Wong had four periods of biology, elbow deep in clay as they mitosis stop motion animated short films.  The students worked in small groups of two or three to create these videos. We used an app called iMotion HD, which, a part from a few glitches and user interface issues, was a great little program.  A lot of the time that consisted of one person molding and shaping the clay and another taking the pictures.  They spent two class periods on this project, one block period of two hours and one regular 50 minute period.  It was a great opportunity for the students to really grasp the various stages and by in large was a great learning experience.

Rainier Beach High School is located in a more economically disadvantaged area of Seattle and as a result doesn’t have as much access to technology.  Bringing them iPads to help work on their projects really provided these students with some great hands on learning both with the technology as well as with biology.  Student response to the project was so good that Louise has invited me back to support her honors physical science class with another stop animation project.  I’m excited to see what turns up next.

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