Microscopy at Kentridge High School

Madonna Brinkmann at Kentridge High School was interested in getting her students brushed up on their microscopy.  With the help of SEP’s newly donated Exo Lab Focus Cameras(we have nine in total now), I was able to come and really help her students get down and dirty with some pond water specimens.

We set up her room so there was 18 microscope stations, 9 with the Exo Lab Focus Camera attached and 9 that didn’t have the Focus camera attached.  Students then broke up into small groups of 2-3.  They made slides of pond water and under the microscope worked to identify different organisms.

The students were mostly upper class men and really enjoyed the experience.  The lesson itself was more free form so the students go to choose their groups and experience microscopy more or less at their own pace.  By the end of the week each student really understood how much life was really living in that nasty pond water and they loved watching all the organisms swim around.

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