Parts of the Cell at Eastlake High School

I travelled back to Eastlake High School but this time to visit Jennifer Gumas’s general biology class.  Her class did its first parts of the cell lab and wanted SEP’s iPad & Exo Lab Focus camera support to enhance the students’ experience.

During the lab her students looked at all types of cells.  For plant cells she had set out onion, potato, and elodea.  The students harvested their own cheek cells with a tooth pick for their animal cell.  The bacteria cells they looked at were made from pre-made slides bought from a company.

The idea for the lab was for each group to take 5 pictures(one of each organism) and put them in their lab report.  The challenge presented itself when the school’s internet has now blocked all Google and Dropbox URLs.  This was how I had transferred the pictures from each iPad to the students in the past couple of years.  However, this year the school district had blocked both Google and Dropbox, so as a result we were forced to have each student upload their own pictures via the school’s software.  This turned out to be a very great way to get the students what they needed, with less work on my end.

Even with a few unexpected bumps in the road, my time at Eastlake was well spent and we definitely got some great pictures of plant and animal cells!


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