iPad Support at Gig Harbor

At Gig Harbor High School they wanted their turn with the Exo Lab Focus Camera.  The first couple of periods we had to improvise a little bit because the outlets were in the middle of the floor.  Access to electrical outlets is usually not a challenge in science classrooms but this classroom was the rare exception.  The outlet locations forced us to have the students work at their desks.  With limited outlets we were forced to have 1 camera per table per table.  Students were arranged in groups of 3-4 and the lab went relatively smoothly as it was just an observation lab.

The second half of my day was spent with a different teacher and her two of her classes.  In these classes we compeleted a microscopy lab.  The students were in groups of two, because of how many cameras we obtained.  It’s great to see each student getting some hands on time with our Exo Lab Focus Cameras. Both classes went very smoothly as the students were engaged in the assignment and stayed on task.  More often than not the iPads have an enthralling effect on students and the Exo Lab Focus Camera is a great tool for any microscopy lab.

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