Eastlake High School: The Return

I went back again to Eastlake High School, this time to Lara Hollingworth’s class.  This class was a repeat lab that I supported in Jennifer Gumas’s class and the result was essentially the same.

The students had a great time looking at all the different cell types, the elodea, and cheek cells being crowd favorites.  The Exo Lab Focus camera really showcase the different cells.  The students are able to see the chloroplasts, nuclei, and other organelles.

The process of getting each student their media was the same as the previous week.  Each student uploaded their pictures to their blog on the school intranet and from there they were able to manipulate and place each picture into their lab reports.

It can be challenging to get media from the iPad to another device in order for the students to complete their assignment but there’s always a solution.  Luckily the solution this time was one that the students could help themselves with, instead of the alternative, which would be me trying to organize each students’ pictures.  I’ve certainly come out ahead in this new workflow at Eastlake High School.

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