Nanotechnology at Newport High School

Melissa Baker is on the cutting edge with her Nanotechnology class at Newport High School in Bellevue, Washington.  She’s using SEP’s iPads and her own Exo Lab Focus cameras to do some microscopy imaging during her labs.  The students were then going print off their photos to put into their physical lab book.

iPads are notorious for making it difficult to remove iPad created files.  In the past I had always used Dropbox to upload files and then download them into .zip files and email to the teacher.  Melissa Baker’s class wanted to have the files during the class period so they didn’t have to spend time on that portion of the lab in their next class period.  Dropbox however made this a little more difficult than it needed to be.  They have a queue system in place that only allows one file to uploaded at a time.  This makes it difficult when there are ten groups uploading five pictures each because often times files will get stuck and not allow others to upload.  As a result, we only got around half the class uploaded and printed by the end of the period.  I then went back to the office to upload and email the rest of the students’ pictures to Melissa.

The challenge forced me find a solution for next time and hopefully we’ll be able to streamline the workflow for the next period.

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