C. Elegans at Eastlake High School

Lara Hollingworth has been working with C. Elegans at Eastlake High School for years now and SEP has support her with iPads and Exo Lab cameras.  The cameras allow her students to be involved while she keeps them on track by being able to see exactly what they’re looking at.  Lara helps them measure the worms and identify which life cycle they are in.

In addition, Lara sometimes uses Apple TV to live stream what some of the more successful groups are seeing in their worms.  She also uses this to have groups show their pictures and videos they recorded to the entire class.

Lara has been using this lesson in her curriculum for quite sometime.  Exo Labs has gone defunct and the support to their camera’s software is going to be running out soon.  This means that Lara and everyone else currently using the Focus Camera are going to need to reevaluate what they will be using for digital imaging in the future.  But for now Lara is continuing to use the iPad and Exo Lab Focus Camera combination.

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