iPad support at Auburn Riverside

Judy Shaw at Auburn Riverside High School had her general Biology class use SEP iPads all week for a number of different activities!

Each year she has her students work on a cell poster that has a drawn diagram of a plant, animal, or bacteria cell.  The students lab each organelles then present their cell poster to the whole class.  This year they were able to use the iPads to do their research which led to more variation of drawings because of the different reference drawings they could use instead of just using the one they have in their text books.

During the second half of the week Judy wanted to try using the Exo Lab Focus Camera during her cell microscopy lab.  This allowed her to see what her students were viewing and able to help them identify the different parts of each cell.  A lot of times students lack basic microscopy skills and the Focus Camera allows for the teacher to see and prevent out of focus slides and fixation on air bubbles.

iPads elevated the learning in Judy Shaw’s classroom at Auburn Riverside by adding elements of interactivity and expanded references.  In the end, it’s a great opportunity for students to learn digital media skills along side biology.

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