Microscopy at Henry M. Jackson High School

Out in Mill Creek at Henry M. Jackson High School, Gail Walters has her students working on Microscopy with a little support from SEP’s iPads and Exo Labs’ Focus Camera.

The students collected samples from a nearby wooded area. Some of them had wet samples, while other’s had dirt with rocks and plants.  Students with dry samples really couldn’t see much because the light from the microscopes was unable to shine through their samples.  Those problems weren’t too widespread though as many students collected wet samples or pieces like leaves.

In order to supplement the assignment, Gail also provided her students with Elodea so they could get a clear view of cells and their structure.  She mainly did this because some of the specimens her class collected were debris and organisms that you really couldn’t get a good look at without a more powerful or differently lit microscope.  Gail gave her students a opportunity to check out local wild life in an unconventional way.

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